Disconnecting Switch High voltage isolation switch GW9 series outdoor From Jucro Electric

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Disconnecting Switch GW9 series outdoor HV From Jucro Electric
Isolation switch (commonly known as "knife gate"), generally refers to the high-voltage isolating switch, that is, the isolating switch with rated voltage of 1kV and above, usually referred to as the isolating switch, is an electric appliance used in high-voltage switchgear, it is more The working principle and structure of the system are relatively simple, but due to the large amount of use and high reliability requirements, the impact on the design, establishment and safe operation of substations and power plants is large. The main feature of the isolating switch is that it has no arc extinguishing capability, and can only divide and close the circuit without load current. The isolating switch is used for voltages at various stages. It is used to change the circuit connection or isolate the line or equipment from the power supply. It has no current-breaking capability. It can only be disconnected before operation by other equipment. Generally, there is an interlock device that prevents the switch from being erroneously operated with a load, and sometimes a pin is required to prevent the switch from being opened under the action of a large fault magnetic force.

The main parameters 




Rated voltage



Maximum work voltage



Rated insulation level

power frequency withstand volt


           Ground, 40/40                fracture, 47/47

 impulse frequency


     Ground, 105/105       fracture, 120/126

 Rated Frequency



Rated Current



Thermal stability current 2 secondseffective



 Packing & Delivery 

Strong package, Safety first.

Inside with foam to support the product, put it in carton or wooden box, fixed it on pallet.

As long as possible to keep the products safe until it arriving customer's warehouse.

Clearly marking label outside of package, customers will be easy to identify their goods.
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