What is a vacuum interrupter?
The vacuum interrupter, also known as the vacuum switch tube, is the core component of the medium and high voltage power switch. Its main function is to quickly extinguish the arc and suppress the current after the medium and high voltage circuit is cut off by the excellent insulation of the vacuum inside the tube, avoiding accidents and Accidents occur mainly in power transmission and distribution control systems, and also in power distribution systems such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, railway, broadcasting, communications, industrial high-frequency heating. It has the characteristics of energy saving, material saving, fireproofing, explosion-proof, small size, long life, low maintenance cost, reliable operation and no pollution. The vacuum interrupter is divided into the arc extinguishing chamber for circuit breaker and the arc extinguishing chamber for load switch. The circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber is mainly used for substation and power grid facilities in the power sector, and the arc extinguishing chamber for load switch is mainly used for power grid. 

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