If there is no electricity in the world suddenly, don't you have to go to work!

If there is no electricity in the world suddenly, don't you have to go to work!

If there is no electricity in the world suddenly, don't you have to go to work!

If there is no electricity in the world suddenly, don't you have to go to work!

The first day when the world suddenly lost power...

Probably the world will find out first, no need to go to work! Can go home to sleep!

People unloaded the daily pressure, relaxed in the daytime, the home and office could not stand, the people in the park increased, and some of people even got a candlelight dinner.

The way of transportation has changed radically

Without electricity, the first to be affected was public transportation. All traffic control systems were paralyzed, and news of plane crashes, train stagnation, and car collisions followed.

Lost the aviation system, the aircraft stopped flying; the high-speed rail could not be started, people re-sit on the green-skin train; without traffic lights, traffic, cars were thrown on the side of the road, bicycles became the most popular mode of transportation...

Lifestyle completely subverted

The electricity consumption of all electrical appliances was exhausted. People completely broke the idea of calling, and began to adapt to life without electrical appliances. Unemployed people earned a living in industries such as farming, hunting, and letters.

Money in card cant be draw anymore, and cash is the only way to pay. Online shopping? That is a delusion, not to be snapped up in the "Double 11" stay up all night!

There is no other entertainment in the evening, KTV? Judy? watch movie? nonexistent! After a day of work in the daytime, at night, I will light a candle at home to do some housework, and at 7 o'clock I can go to sleep. If you miss friends and relatives in the distance in the middle of the night, you can consider writing a letter and posting a stamp. After a week, he will receive your thoughts...

Serious shortage of material resources

All factories were forced to stop work, and large-scale food processing, pharmaceutical production, etc. were unsustainable, and the resources for daily necessities were so broken...

Then, the stored food is also consumed, the food production is in short supply, the money can not buy the refined food; the medicine can not be mass-produced, the hospital operation efficiency is low, the sick people will die because they can not get modern advanced treatment, the population is likely Will continue to drop sharply.

The days when there is no electricity begin to get worse. The original manual production and processing methods have re-appeared. The electric appliances have changed to burning coal and burning oil. The natural resources are gradually exhausted, and the environment has deteriorated drastically...

Maybe many years later...

If there is no electricity, the population may only be 10% before the power outage. The people who can survive at this time have become accustomed to life without electricity - building ethnic groups, farming, hunting, barbecue...


So, when you use a mobile phone with a light, read the article in a warm, air-conditioned room with bright lights, do you want to silently sigh, but fortunately there is electricity!

Electricity has become a part of our lives and is everywhere like the air. The more developed the power, the more you don't feel it exists, but once it is lost, it will affects our life to a great extent..


By: JUCRO Electric (Focus on Vacuum Interrupter, Vacuum circuit breaker, Vacuum contactor and Switchgear)