1000 kV Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV project started

1000 kV Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV project started

1000 kV Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV project started

After commissioning, it can strengthen the structure of the northwest UHV west sending end grid structure

On November 6, State Grid Co., Ltd. held a mobilization meeting for the Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV AC project in Zhangzhou, Shanxi, marking the completion of the key project of the main grid of the North China Power Grid.

The Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV exchange project includes the expansion of Mengxi and Jinzhong 1000 dry-circuit substations, and the construction of a double-return 1000 kV transmission line in Mengxi-Jinzhong, with a total investment of 4.955 billion yuan, and strive for 2019. The month was completed and put into production.

The project passes through Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and 10 counties and 10 counties in Zhangzhou City, Taiyuan City, Luliang City and Jinzhong City of Shanxi Province. The highest elevation is 2,300 meters, and 90% of the terrain along the line is mountainous hills. The mountain is high and dense, and the project is difficult to transport. It is necessary to set up more than 300 ropeways. The construction work site is limited, the implementation is difficult, and the water and water conservation requirements are high. The project spans about 50 railways, expressways and transmission lines of 220 kV or more. The construction procedures and coordination work are complicated.

The Mengxi-Jinzhong Project is a concrete action for the company to serve as the leader of the energy revolution in Shanxi Province and to help the steady and healthy development of Shanxi's economy. After the project is completed and put into production, it will further strengthen the transmission structure of the western UHV west transmission end, and enhance the power transmission capacity of the two UHV transmission channels of the completed Mengxi-Tianjin Nanhe Yuheng-Weifang and the serious failure of the grid to withstand the system. Ability is of great importance.

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  November 17, 2018