Huawei Technologies Co Ltd associated with Guangzhou power supply bureau and other units built a smart distribution network:There has to be a stronger coordination in module and chip.

Time: 2019-02-23

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd associated with Guangzhou power supply bureau and other units built a smart distribution network:There has to be a stronger coordination in module and chip.

Recently, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, China Telecom Guangzhou Branch (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Telecom) and Huawei Company cooperated deeply and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, reached a new cooperation mechanism for jointly building a "Smart Distribution Network Innovation Lab",promoting the development of Intelligent distribution network technology.

In recent years, with the increasing dependence of modern society on electricity, traditional extensive and inefficient energy utilization methods have been unable to meet current needs ,which require more efficient and rational energy supply. Achieving the goal of reliable, economical, efficient and green power grid is the biggest challenge for power industry.

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangzhou Telecom and Huawei company are keep a thought that improving the product application and information technology construction innovation capabilities in traditional power systems of the three parties,based on solving the technical difficulties in the construction of smart grids, breaking through the bottleneck of the evolution of traditional power systems, make sure the three parties joint to establish Smart Distribution Network Innovation Lab.

It is reported that the completed Smart Distribution Network Innovation Lab will research and develop the smart distribution network solutions, establish standard systems, research and develop key equipment, and build application platforms to further improve the network’s efficiency and intelligent management of control capabilities.

At the same time, the laboratory will fully integrate the advantages of the three parties, including the extensive experience of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau in the power industry construction and operation , the management and channel advantages of Guangzhou Telecom in the communication network,the rich experiences in manufacturing of Huawei company in leading technology in information, communication and technology field.

The three parties are committed to building a joint innovation normal structure that integrates theoretical research, product development, business model planning, equipment testing, and comprehensive display to jointly promote the professional standard of smart distribution network and forms radiation demonstrations for the global power industry and related fields, supports the further transformation of grid companies to integrated energy service companies.

According to reports, the intelligent distribution network innovation laboratory mainly includes the program research and project implementation of smart distribution network, the program research and practice in intelligent power distribution network , and the intelligent distribution network related technologies extended to social service . The three parties will rely on their respective strengths and take the initiative to send technical teams to participate in the design of innovative solutions for smart distribution networks, and to carry out module-level and chip-level cooperation.

It is reported that in the next step, the three parties will strengthen contact and communication between the upstream and downstream of the power industry such as charging piles and electric vehicles, smart street lamps, smart homes and four networks, explore a broader space for cooperation, and contribute to the construction of smart cities in Guangzhou.

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