The country's first photovoltaic "smart power plant" is landing in Jiangxi

The country's first photovoltaic "smart power plant" is landing in Jiangxi

The country's first photovoltaic

On February 11th, under the witness of the leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the National Electric Power Investment Corporation Jiangxi GongQinghongxing Photovoltaic Power Plant realized intelligent drones, robotic automatic inspection, intelligent security, intelligent analysis and diagnosis, etc. at the Jiangxi International Exhibition Center. Multi-scenario intelligent function verification marks that the country's first photovoltaic "smart power plant" is on the ground, which means that the photovoltaic "smart power plant" has entered a new era.


It is understood that the Gongqinghongxing Photovoltaic Power Plant is the first photovoltaic "Smart Power Plant" jointly built by the State Power Investment Jiangxi Company and the National Power Investment Information Corporation. It is the first photovoltaic "Smart Power Plant" of the National Power Investment Group and the first photovoltaic power plant in China.


The photovoltaic "smart power plant" relies on "one platform, big data, micro-application" technology to realize remote control and automatic cruise control, automatic robot inspection, intelligent security, early warning decision, intelligent decision-making, and more on the same platform. Intelligent functions such as remote diagnosis of different equipment in the station; completed a number of innovations, applied 5G communication networking technology in the field of power generation for the first time, applied smart wearable device functions in power generation for the first time, realized new energy data standardization and multi-system integration for the first time, For the first time, it integrates with the ERP system to realize the automatic trigger mechanism of the work order.


It completely solves the problem of data islands with a large number of station management systems and non-uniformity, and effectively improves the operational management efficiency. It is a vivid practice of the new energy "smart power plant", with typical demonstration and promotion value.


In recent years, the National Electric Power Investment Jiangxi Company has always adhered to the drive of advanced energy technology innovation, intensified the construction of innovative enterprises, and explored the application of high technology in the fields of thermal power, hydropower, new energy, and integrated smart energy. At the beginning of 2018, Jiangxi Company officially launched the intelligent research and development of Gongqinghongxing Photovoltaic Power Plant, and it will be intelligent in six aspects: remote control, integrated data platform, intelligent production decision-making, intelligent inspection, intelligent security, fault warning and remote diagnosis. It is applied to photovoltaic power plants, reducing on-site operators and realizing "remote control, unattended, and regional inspections" of new energy stations. At present, the functions of robot intelligent inspection, drone auto-cruise, virtual electronic fence, and remote guidance work have been put into operation. It has a real-life display in the smart energy exhibition hall of the National Power Investment Beijing Headquarters, and has realized the patrol from Beijing to Gongqing PV Station. Check the remote control function of the device.



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