Central Asia is the biggest! Zanatas 100MW wind power project officially started

Central Asia is the biggest! Zanatas 100MW wind power project officially started


Central Asia is the biggest! Zanatas 100MW wind power project officially started

Central Asia is the biggest! Zanatas 100MW wind power project officially started

General Manager of CEC International, deputy secretary of the Party Committee Tian Hao, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager Shou Rufeng, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Almaty, Qi Hongbo, Deputy Governor of Jiangbul State, Kadzhev Zurzhan Sa Bituovic, Kalidandi, Nuer Jiang Chabit attended the event.


In his speech, Tian Hao expressed his gratitude to the governments and local communities of China and Kazakhstan for their support and assistance to the project. He pointed out that as the leader of China's clean energy investment industry, China Power Investment Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation actively responded to the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, fully exerting its own high-quality management brand advantages, and cooperating with Kazakhstan's local company Visor and international first-class design and manufacturing. The construction and supervision team is committed to creating a high-standard international first-class wind power project, which will help China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation and Kazakhstan's power and new energy development.


Yan Hongbo pointed out that in recent years, China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation has entered a stage of rapid development, and the results have been remarkable. The Zanatas 100MW wind power project is a microcosm of the accelerated cooperation between China and Kazakhstan. It is the first large-scale wind power station in Kazakhstan with more than 100MW. It is also the largest capacity wind power project currently under construction in Central Asia. The latest results of pragmatic cooperation. It is believed that with the sincere cooperation of both parties, the project implementation will be a complete success, helping Kazakhstan further improve its energy structure, improve the power supply in the Zanatas region, and open up new space for cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the field of new energy.


On behalf of the Kazakh government, Kadzhev Nurjan Sabitovic said that he is very happy to witness the whole process of building the largest capacity wind power project in Kazakhstan. This project is one of the key projects of the energy sector under the framework of China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation, and it is also the latest example of the smooth progress of Kazakhstan-China economic and trade cooperation. In the fifth year of the smooth implementation of the “Bright Road” in Kazakhstan, through the construction of the project, a welcome signal was again sent to Chinese companies to invest in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan will continue to actively participate in the "Belt and Road" construction and "China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation" to promote greater progress in bilateral relations.


After the groundbreaking ceremony, Shou Rufeng and the local partner Visor signed the MOU memorandum on the new 100MW project of Zanatas Wind Power Phase II.


In order to actively implement the social responsibility of central enterprises, as the CIC Holdings Company, Zanatas Wind Power Company also donated an ambulance to the Central Hospital of Saresu District to increase the local medical rescue resources in Saresu District.


The leaders of the government of Jiangbul, Saleisu and Zanatas, and the heads of relevant departments of CLP International participated in more than 150 people.




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