The ubiquitous power Internet of things has landed in xiongan!

The ubiquitous power Internet of things has landed in xiongan!


The first batch of dc smart street lamps lit up the civic service center

The ubiquitous power Internet of things has landed in xiongan!


Led by power supply company of xiongan new area of state grid, the multi-functional composite pole and column demonstration project -- the first batch of dc smart street lamp projects have been put into xiongan citizen service center, marking an important step in the pan-demonstration construction of power Internet of things in xiongan new area.



Dc smart street lamp integrates smart sensing, edge computing, big data analysis and other core technologies of the Internet of things, realizing efficient and coordinated operation of smart urban management such as smart security, smart transportation, smart municipal administration and smart property management.


In terms of function, smart street lamp adopts low-voltage dc power supply, which can effectively save energy and ensure safe operation; Equipped with intelligent lighting equipment, the lighting intensity can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness and weather conditions, effectively reducing energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs; Equipped with multi-function camera and traffic light, it can automatically collect traffic data and assist traffic scheduling and administrative law enforcement. Equipped with one-button alarm device, to quickly carry out identification, personnel positioning and police distribution; Equipped with multimedia display screen and broadcasting equipment, realize various announcements, news, advertising and other information release; It is equipped with street lamp WiFi and 5G network base station to help large area coverage of high-speed communication network. Relying on multi-function sensor device, realize real-time monitoring of environmental temperature, air quality, soil moisture and other indicators, and effectively assist urban environmental beautification; Through positioning technology, prevent the loss and theft of road manhole cover; It is also equipped with mobile phone charging devices and rest seats to provide convenient services for citizens and tourists.


As the physical carrier of ubiquitous power Internet of things, in the future, dc smart street lamps will also be equipped with IoT-Hub, vehicle-road collaboration and other advanced technologies and equipment, and gradually realize a broader and more efficient intelligent Internet of things, providing strong support for the construction and operation management of smart city in xiongan new area.



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