The “One Belt, One Road” iconic project has successfully landed in Brazil!

The “One Belt, One Road” iconic project has successfully landed in Brazil!


Beautiful Mountain Hydropower Phase II

The “One Belt, One Road” iconic project has successfully landed in Brazil!

In September 2017, under the witness of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the President of Brazil, the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy issued the project permit to the State Grid Corporation. The total investment of the Meishan Phase II project is about 9.6 billion reais. The total length of the transmission line is about 2539 km. It is the longest transmission distance of ±800 kV UHV transmission project in the world. The State Grid Corporation has a 30-year franchise for the project. right. The project completed all construction and commissioning work ahead of schedule on October 16th in Brazil.


The Meishan Phase II project is the delivery project of the beautiful mountain hydropower station in Brazil's second largest hydropower station. It is the main channel for the interconnection of the Brazilian power grid to the north and south. Together with the Meishan Phase I project, it will transport the clean water and electricity from the Amazon basin in northern Brazil to the southeast load center!


The project is a major project of the State Grid Corporation to serve and promote the “Belt and Road” construction and successfully landed overseas. The project practices the concept of “co-industry, co-construction and sharing” and adheres to the localization operation, achieving mutual benefit and common development of China and Pakistan. The entire project cycle provides Brazil with a large number of jobs and taxes for the benefit of local people. At the same time, the project is the first UHV project independently invested and constructed by China. It has realized the integration of China's UHV “investment, construction and operation” and “technology, standards and equipment”. Chain synergy "going out", driving China's nearly 5 billion yuan of UHV converter transformers, converter valves and control protection and other domestic high-end electrical equipment exports.


State Grid adheres to the concept of sustainable development in Brazil, strictly fulfills its environmental responsibility and pays attention to the impact of social welfare. The second phase of the Meishan project is the first large-scale project with zero environmental penalties in Brazil. It was awarded the “Best Practice Award for Social Environment Management in Brazil” in 2019, and established the international brand image of the State Grid Corporation's technology-led and responsible central enterprises. The safe and high-quality operation of the Meishan Phase II project effectively solved the problem of clean water and electricity delivery and consumption in the Amazon basin in northern Brazil. It strongly supported and served Brazil's economic and social development and contributed to the Chinese program for Brazil's energy security and stable supply. The project follows the concept of “co-construction, co-construction and sharing” and realizes the “going out” of “investment and construction camp”. It is a landmark project that has taken effect in the construction of the “Belt and Road” in recent years and has become a cooperation between China and Pakistan in economic and trade fields. A "golden card" for a win-win situation.


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